Monday, October 20, 2014

I Will Follow You

Joshua 24.24
The people answered Joshua, "We will worship God. What he says, we'll do."
this is one way to worship you, lord, to do what you say. to follow you with our whole heart, to show you how much you are worth to us, we will look to you for our everything, we will hang on to your every word, we will hold on to you for dear life. you are truly our everything, without you we are truly nothing. with you we can do more than what our heads could wrap around, more than our hearts could ever contain. yes, lord, you are the one we will follow, the only one who will call the shots in our lives, the only one who we will listen to, whose voice we will master and fully depend on. you will always be our first choice, first option, not just someone who we will run to when we're at our wits's end. we will follow you.

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