Tuesday, October 28, 2014

With You

Judges 1.19
God was certainly with Judah in that they took over the hill country.
thank you lord that with you we can definitely take over our fears and all things that try to keep us from obeying you! you are certainly with us just as you promised, we will never have to imagine life without you. with you we can never be held back from following you, stolen from, kept away from you, the dreams you planted in our hearts will never be destroyed. our enemy has nothing on you, and his plans will never succeed. where you are no stronghold is strong enough, no fortress is mighty enough, no mountain is big enough to eclipse your perfect will and design. because we are with you we have hope, we have a bright future, we have confidence, we have peace, and we can rest knowing that you bless our hands and make them fruitful.

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