Monday, October 06, 2014

Put A Cloud In It

Joshua 24.7
"Then they cried out for help to God. He put a cloud between you and the Egyptians and then let the sea loose on them. It drowned them.
how you never miss a beat, God! we cry out to you for help or for anything and you have already moved before we even utter it out, and when you answer, when you do something, it's nothing short of spectacular, nothing short of extraordinary - a cloud, a natural impossibility, right there between us and the enemy; the sea let loose on those who go against your plan and oppose those who follow you, forever closing the chapter on them, them never coming back again. how you deliver! all because of you and what you do and your grand and perfect plan. thank you for your love and generosity. which now becomes our love and generosity all around us. amen!

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