Thursday, May 14, 2015

And Then Some...

1 Samuel 7.14
Israel also freed the surrounding countryside from Philistine control.
thank you lord that when we walk with you, take the direction that you're going, let our lives take a ride with you, your work that we allow in our lives, that we get to receive in our lives isn't limited to just us, is never just about us, but more importantly it spills over beautifully to everyone around us. we are not the only ones who get to know the freedom of living for you, of following you, of allowing your work to bless us alone - no, you empower us to multiply what you do to everyone you let our lives touch and make sure that your amazing and wonderful work doesn't just stop with us but grows deep, rises tall and bears so much fruit that could never be truly quantified in abundance and reach. thank you for making all this happen.

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