Saturday, May 02, 2015

The Real Thing

1 Samuel 3.20
Everyone in Israel, from Dan in the north to Beersheba in the south, recognized that Samuel was the real thing - a true prophet of God.
there is no pretension with you. there is no mistaking your work, there is no semblance to anyone else's when you touch us with your redemptive hand. everyone will see, will recognize and know that what you do in us is true, real; a transformation that changes us from the inside out, doesn't just recycle the old but bring about something completely new out of whatever was there. thank you that we can do anything with you, we can be anyone in your will, we can be all that you have always wanted us to be with all the purpose in the world and all the hope that could ever be needed and even more. thank you that we can be you to those around us and just be that - you. thank you lord!

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