Friday, May 08, 2015

Can't Touch This

1 Samuel 5.7
We can't handle this, and neither can our god Dagon.
amazing who you are and how you work, lord. you are uncontainable, definitely can never be limited and no one will ever fully grasp you, make sense of you, define you. thank you that in all of this greatness, holiness, you made us know who you are. you made us experience who you are. in your generosity you revealed yourself to us and made yourself accessible to us. you contained yourself because you could and gave us a glimpse of who you are that was more than enough to transform us and change us forever. thank you for your grace, for your love, for your sovereignty. you are in perfect control and we are never lost with you. thank you for sharing your heart with us and we get to be part of what you do.

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