Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Lesson Learned

1 Samuel 7.13
The Philistines learned their lesson and stayed home - no more border crossings.
you have forever won your victory and no one will ever be able to upturn it. our mighty God, your identity, your amazing sovereignty and matchless power is more than enough to put the enemy in his place one and for all, you holding fast and true without any effort, without the slightest bit of concern that what you've made will be undone. no, with you there's no such uncertainty, there's always just truth and strength in the foundation of who you are. praise you and thank you, lord, because of who you are, because of what you do, because of all things you. thank you that we can move forward with you because we know the one we are standing on is unmovable and will forever be the great God that he is.

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