Saturday, May 09, 2015

Run To You

1 Samuel 6.13
They looked up and saw the Chest. Jubilant, they ran to meet it.
jubilant! this is the heart we want to greet you with, the attitude we want to welcome you with. we'll run to you, lord, we'll look for you and seek after you with our whole heart, our whole being. we'll take to you like dry earth to water, out of breath in eager anticipation of you and even just the thought of you. thank you for making us joyful, going beyond what is necessary and being generous enough to always work out the best for your plan. thank you that because of your plan we get to have the best of everything, when we bless you and choose to follow you and love you and live in you and in who you are, what you say, we are everything we are and the best that we could ever be. praise you lord!

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