Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Happen To Have

1 Samuel 9.8
The servant spoke up, "Look, I just happen to have this silver coin! I'll give it to the holy man and he'll tell us how to proceed!"
your provision never stops, lord! you give us both what we could be generous with at all times and also what we need for the moment! when you give, it's always extravagant so that you're not only being extravagant to us but we could also be as extravagant as your generosity to the ones we draw wisdom from. thank you for surrounding us with people we could look to for your revelations and for giving us a chance to bless them with what you have blessed us with. we will never be empty-handed because of you in all circumstances and all situations. thank you that with you we always have something great to offer, something of value to keep blessing others with.

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