Thursday, May 07, 2015


1 Samuel 5.3
Next morning when the citizens of Ashdod got up, they were shocked to find Dagon toppled from his place, flat on his face before the Chest of God.
literally, no other God could ever stand up to you. everything - supernatural and natural - know and know so well that you are God, alone. God of all, God of everything and beyond. may we always recognize our place before you, may we know that without you we are nothing and with you we are everything. thank you that with you we can share in your victory, with you we are covered and protected, with you we are more than loved and cared for - we are disciplined, redeemed, made right and made whole. thank you that no mountain is too tall or too strong for you. more than all this, though, we know that you are in your rightful place as ruler of all and we want it no other way. thank you lord.

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