Thursday, June 04, 2015

About Each Other

1 Samuel 10.2
The donkeys you went to look for are found. Your father has forgotten about the donkeys and is worried about you, wringing his hands - quite beside himself!
how blessed are you, lord! you are always after relationships, but you never forget about the small details and practical things we need in life for us to keep following you and keep pursuing you. thank you that indeed we have everything we need from you and so much more, so that we can prioritize you, we can build our relationship with you and do excellently in life, in the roles you have given us to play. your heart is always about people, and thank you for the chance and capacity to be more like you, to have a heart that is all about people, as well. praise you lord for your generosity, for being in full control. our security, our trust is in you. who we are, what we do - all in you and by you!

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