Thursday, June 25, 2015


1 Samuel 12.4
never. You've never done any of that - never abused us, never lined your own pockets.
thank you, God, for gifting us with true riches that we can use to serve others, to love on you. thank you that everything you have deposited in us - from talents and skills to grace abounding - are all for us to be able to go beyond ourselves, be generous, be loving, be who you want us to be, be who you called us to be. thank you that in our full dependence on you we will never run out, we will never be out of favour, we will always have more than enough to flow to other people, we will always have the right attitude to focus on you and what you want for them. thank you for making us a part of your plan, for involving us and letting us experience the joy of loving on others.

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