Monday, June 29, 2015

No Matter What

1 Samuel 12.10
"Then they cried for help to God. They confessed, 'We've sinned! We've gone off and left God and worshiped the fertility gods and goddesses of Canaan. Oh, deliver us from the brutalities of our enemies and we'll worship you alone.'
lord, no matter how far we may have turned our backs on you no matter how far we think we are from you, no matter how great what we've done in our eyes, may we always, always remember that we can turn our eyes from all this and fix our eyes on you once again. may we always remember that we can cry out for help to you, and you are never too far, your arm is never too short, your heart is never too shallow to lead our lives once again and call the shots in our mind and heart. thank you lord that no matter what, absolutely no matter what, we could go back to you, we could start obeying you again, start having your spirit grace us with capacity to love on you and others again.

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