Monday, June 01, 2015

For This Time And Occasion

1 Samuel 9.24
The chef brought it and placed it before Saul with a flourish, saying, "This meal was kept aside just for you. Eat! It was especially prepared for this time and occasion with these guests."
your provision never fails, lord. your goodness never ends. time is never an issue with you, supply is never an issue with you. thank you that everything comes perfectly for you, everything happens the way you want it to, everything gets provided for as you have beautifully written. your sovereignty is unprecedented, your kindness completes us, your thoughtfulness arrests us, your extravagance overwhelms us. you will never let anything run against what you have set, what you have set in motion. you will also never let anything hurry it up either. everything is just right with you always perfect for a specific time and occasion with a specific set of your creation and relationships you have set in place. praise you.

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