Monday, June 22, 2015

Grand Worth

1 Samuel 11.15
And there they worshiped, sacrificing peace offerings. Saul and all Israel celebrated magnificently.
we will worship you lord in our celebration. we will not forget about you when we are on our highest highs. by your grace we will keep your presence right in front of us and be jubilant, joyful, have fun with you. may we celebrate you lavishly starting in our hearts, in our lives, to all around us. we will use our mouth to speak your praise over everything, we will declare your victory over all things, your goodness over our situations, your praises over our celebration. you are the reason why we celebrate, you are the reason why we could rejoice. oh thank you lord, thank you, you are always good, our hearts just overflow with thanks no matter what but especially during the good times. thank you God, thank you.

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