Tuesday, June 09, 2015


1 Samuel 10.13
When Saul was done prophesying, he returned home.
thank you, lord, for always putting us in families, for giving us something to call home. no matter great is for a lot of us, or no matter how it looks like for some of us, no matter how it is, you are always there to be our father not just our master and saviour. you call us into great things, you empower us to do beyond what we could on our own, but you also make sure that we have rest in you, that we can recharge in you, that we can make a home in you. thank you for giving us people to do life with, relationships that make sure we flourish, that we get to love on and love us. from our natural to spiritual families you have such great design, and we can see your sovereign wisdom on perfect display. praise you.

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