Tuesday, July 14, 2015

God Won't Leave You and Neither Will I

1 Samuel 12.23
And neither will I walk off and leave you.
thank you lord for your design of family. thank you that you have birthed us into families and not on our own. thank you for giving us people who never gave up on us, never left us, never walked off and left us. thank you also that we get to do this to those you have entrusted to us, for us to never walk off on them and leave them. you created us so that we could never be independent from one another, always feeding off of each other as we plant ourselves in you and your word and you grow us in your call. you ensure our success as you make us flourish in communion with you and in community with your people. thank you that this kind of life is ours as we grow more and more into who you've always created us to be.

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