Thursday, July 09, 2015

In Awe of You

1 Samuel 12.18
The people were greatly in awe of God
what a way to be, what a great posture to always have - being in awe of you, being greatly amazed at who you are and what you do. the more we focus on your wonder, your greatness, the bigger you get and the smaller our issues in life become. no matter how real they may be, they all still pale in comparison to your truth, to your goodness, to your heart, to your nature, to your plans, your perfection and love. what a great blessing to even be part of your people, to belong to you, to be thought of by you, to be pursued by you! may we always be greatly awed by you, may we always keep such attitude in our hearts, one that looks to you as plants follow the sun, never knowing how it is to be without you.

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