Friday, July 31, 2015

Melt Away

1 Samuel 14.16
Saul's lookouts at Gibeah in Benjamin saw the army melting away in all directions.
wow! armies against you and what you do just melt away in all directions, fall apart, disintegrate without even you doing anything! not only this but everyone can and will see what happens to those who go against you and are not in your favour. thank you lord that by your grace we get to obey you, by your goodness we get to follow you, by your generous heart we get to have you rule our lives and let you have your way in and around us. thank you for the greatness that you did not keep to yourself, the love that you did not keep from anyone but you freely gave, you grandly invited, you generously prepared a place at your table for each and everyone you created. what love, lord. what love!

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