Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Summer and Rain

1 Samuel 12.17
It's summer, as you well know, and the rainy season is over.
wow, lord. thank you for this reminder that seasons come and go, especially seasons of rain. thank you that the natural downs in life never last forever, they always go back up to a high. more importantly, though, we could have seasons of summer in the spiritual no matter how rainy our season is in the natural. and we could always look at rainy seasons as times of blessing, times of refreshing, times of growth and nourishment. what blessing to have a glimpse of your perspective reproduced in the soil of our hearts, to see all things with your eyes. thank you that as we look to you we get to see with your heart, as we fix our eyes on you, you redirect our gaze on your perfect plan no matter what season in life we may be in.

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