Sunday, November 19, 2017

How To Really Worship God

2 Kings 17.35
They don’t really worship God—they don’t take seriously what he says regarding how to behave and what to believe
this is how it is to worship you! to worship you is to take you seriously, to regard what you say as the highest authority in our life, to revere you with the respect, honour and awe that you deserve and so much more, to give you more than the life you lent us. may we always look to your word for how to behave, how to deal with things, people, what to believe - may we never just look to ourselves, may we always cling to you, fully depend on you for dear life and everything else. may we always line things up in our life that you get the best of us, we are at your beck and call, we get to honour you with our decisions, giftings, talents, everything! you are amazing, God, forever amazing!

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