Saturday, November 04, 2017

Not About Us

2 Kings 17.19
Judah, actually, wasn't much better, for Judah also failed to keep God's commands, falling into the same way of life that Israel had adopted.
wow, God! thank you that your goodness is never about ours. thank you that life is not the land of our worth, but yours! because you are great, we get to experience great things. because you are generous, we get to serve and do good things! because you are more than capable, we get to do far more than we could ever imagine or think up. how great your love is, God! how great your identity, how great the fact that we you can never be outdone, never be bested by anyone on anything. thank you most of all that you look at your perfect self when dealing with us, you act on your own goodness when doing good all around us. praise you, God, you truly deserve all - our all and so much more!

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