Sunday, November 05, 2017

Take Notice!

2 Kings 17.22
The children of Israel went along with all the sins that Jeroboam did, never murmured so much as a word of protest.
oh God may we never be so deprived of you that we don’t even see the wretchedness of life without you. may we never be so far apart from you that we see nothing wrong anymore in getting off-track, driven to anything and anyone else but you. may we never think that we are already made, that we got things in control, so much that we are already walking down a path that is pulling us farther and father away from you. thank you for grace, thank you for your arm that is never too short to grab us when we are everything but headed your way. thank you for your sovereignty, for never giving up and just for being you. how you care, God! how you love and how you move!

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