Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Only Him

2 Kings 17.39
Worship God, and God only - he's the one who will save you from enemy oppression.
you are the only worthy to be bowed down to, you're the only one worthy to be placed in the position of final authority in our life, you're the only one we should be making decisions on, because you alone are God. thank you that by following you, by obeying you, we get to bring life to everyone around us, we get to bring the peace that you paid for to others, we get to bring the good that you overflow our lives with to all. thank you that you are the one who saved us from the oppression of our enemy, from the oppression of our self and our desires. thank you for opening our minds, hearts and eyes to the truth that only upon surrendering to you do we get real freedom to serve you and not ourselves anymore!

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