Monday, November 20, 2017

Promise Maker

2 Kings 17.35
God made a covenant with his people and ordered them, "Don't honor other gods: Don't worship them, don't serve them, don't offer sacrifices to them.
you are always the one who initiates life - everything from the beginning of time, to our salvation and redemption, to our very purpose and significance. thank you for being the one God that we can obey and honour, the one God that we can give full allegiance to, we can give sole consideration when making decisions, the only we can serve and be fully effective to everyone and everything around us, the only one we can love, follow, obey and have nothing but good come out of it. thank you, God, for real life, for you being you, for you being the one and only true God. may we not fight this anymore, may we not let our selves rule any longer. praise you, God.

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