Thursday, November 23, 2017

Only Him

2 Kings 17.36
Worship him. Sacrifice to him. And only him!
only you, lord! worship only you. obey and follow on you. do things only for you and by you. this is the only way to live! this is the only way to keep ourselves disciplined, in control, not letting what we think or feel right in our own eyes to rule, never letting our self freely reign. no, our freedom from this very rule of self was bought with the highest price - your life - so we can be truly free to obey you, the only rightful ruler of life. we were freed from the miserable rule of our self to the turly intended rule of you over us, so we can be fruitfully earth-useful while always being heavenbound. what insight, what great sovereignty, lord. keep ruling, keep being God to us!

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