Friday, November 17, 2017

No Buts! Especially This One

2 Kings 17.35
They honored and worshiped God, but they also kept up their devotions to the old gods of the places they had come from
wow, that this is even possible! may we never let you share our devotion with someone and something else! may we never have you as just another alternative, one among many - no! you are the only God, the only king of them and us all, the only lord of everything and everyone! you are the rightful master, the judge of all, the loving father, the all-powerful God. you are our only God, the one and only, in a league completely your own and above everything and everyone else. thank you, for always giving us plenty of time to recognize this, multitudes of opportunities for us to have a taste of you and following you, never letting us miss out on the chance to obey you, God. thank you!

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