Monday, September 07, 2015

Check On Them

1 Samuel 17.18
Check in on your brothers to see whether they are getting along all right, and let me know how they’re doing
how you love, lord. you are great and wonderful and beyond. you have placed us in families to make sure we can check on each other and see how each other is doing, how well we are cultivating our relationships with you and with each other, and just to make sure we're all doing very well in our walk with you, in our battles, in our triumphs because of you. thank you for your grand design, thank you for your great sovereignty, thank you for making sure we are never alone, we have people looking after us and we have people we look after. thank you that you created us just like you, thriving in relationships, never selfish to impart to us what makes you so great, always generous to give of yourself. wow.

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