Friday, September 04, 2015

The One Who...

1 Samuel 16.19
Send your son David to me, the one who tends the sheep.
amazing, lord, how we could be more than conquerors right in our place of work, right where you've called us to be fruitful, right where we can be who you want us to be. thank you that we don't have to be limited by where we are serving or what area we may be called into - wherever you've placed us there we can thrive and be ministers in the truest sense of the word. thank you for opportunity beyond opportunity to love on people, to serve their needs and to be who you need us to be in their lives. we don't have to be a certain type of extreme follower of you before we could be different to make a difference. it's all you, lord. thank you for your goodness, your grand design, your future filled with amazing hope.

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