Sunday, September 27, 2015

Instant Approval

1 Samuel 18.5
Everybody, both the people in general and Saul’s servants, approved of and admired David’s leadership.
wow, lord, what a way to live! we will definitely never be able to please everyone, but what matters is living in your favour - thank you Jesus that because of what you did, we are able to live pleasing lives, lives pleasing to you! and when we live in this life of your favour, we get to bless everyone around us - everybody, every single one of them, people in general and the people in places where we serve - they will approve of and admire our following you! praise you jesus for such mind-blowing perspective of how to live - how I live for an audience of one in the presence of everyone. thank you God that our testimony is powerful because of what you did in our lives! you are powerful! what you did is powerful! amen!

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