Saturday, September 12, 2015

Your Business

1 Samuel 17.28
Why aren't you minding your own business
wow, another opportunity to find gold in the muddiest of places. may we be so great and excellent in whatever you entrusted to our hands, so filled with the grace that you equipped us with overflowingly, that even attempts to put us down and dismiss us still glow with abundant references to the goodness of the work of our hands that you made fruitful and well-known. praise you that truly we can keep rejoicing, we can be full of joy at all times - favourable or otherwise. thank you that your redemptive power is in full display and at full work in our lives - as it has always been since you began your great work in our lives, and continuously at work right to this day. all we do is give you glory, all we have is overflowing worship. praise you lord! wow!

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