Saturday, September 26, 2015

Well Done

1 Samuel 18.5
Whatever Saul gave David to do, he did it—and did it well. So well that Saul put him in charge of his military operations.
wow, lord, truly we could never run out of good things to talk about when it comes to your grace! your grace that knows no bounds, always always more than enough - for us to excel in this world that we are pointing to you, that we are loving so they could see you, so they could love you because you loved them first. thank you that we can do everything given to us well, excellently, amazingly, so beyond our capacity and way over our heads! wow lord, you are such an amazing and great God that you have created us to be great and amazing as well and because of your provision, because of what you did, jesus, we get to be great and amazing in all, absolutely all things!

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