Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Find Them

1 Samuel 16.17
Find me someone who can play well and bring him to me
thank you for your greatness, lord, that equipped us with talent, giftings, abilities for us to do well and be excellent in the vocation you have blessed us with. all we need to do is be diligent in offering you are best in our calling. our lives, our jobs, and the world will be the one looking for us. we will be sought after, we will have opportunity beyond opportunity to let you be made known all around us doing the one thing you have created us for. thank you that as we live for an audience of one, we get to minister to everyone. thank you that you are the touch the world needs, and you live in us and touch them through us - all by letting us be the best that you have created us to be. worship you, God!

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