Thursday, September 03, 2015

God Is With Him

1 Samuel 16.18
And GOD is with him.
praise you for this amazing truth, God! we may have all the things and title and abilities that the world runs after, or we may not have any of these at all - the one thing that bears true weight in our being excellent is if you are with us. when you are with us we are the best that we can be, at the best place we could ever be, at the best time we could ever be in. thank you lord that your presence is the one thing that makes all the difference! it's what redeems and makes beautiful our brokenness, it's what multiplies and makes fruitful our capacity and all that you have deposited in us. may we let nothing get in the way of your presence, let nothing rob us of our attention and focus on you. thank you for your grace, lord.

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