Thursday, November 09, 2017

Not Another God

2 Kings 17.25
God was just another god to them; they neither honored nor worshiped him.
this is how we should honour you, how we should treat you - you are the only God that we will serve! you are God and God alone, not just another God, you are the one we honour and worship. this is how we should live - there’s just no other way. there is no ohter, no life at all - apart from you. may we never consider you as just another one of our many options, may we recognize that you are the only one! you not just the best, you are the only one! you are not just our last hope, our last resort - you are the only one! there is nothing apart from you, but with you everything is good, great and as they are intended to be. thank you lord for how sovereign and how great you are.

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