Thursday, August 22, 2013


Deuteronomy 7.1
When GOD, your God, brings you into the country that you are about to enter and take over, he will clear out the superpowers that were there before you.
amen, lord! when you make good on your promise, when you fulfill what you have said in your word, when you bring us to that place in our lives where you fulfill every single word that you said, you will clear out all those who go against you that have gone before us! you have made sure that nothing the enemy has planted to kill, steal and destroy your plans will ever bear fruit - nothing will come of them, because you have cleared them out! no superpower is too powerful for you, no influence, no force - whether in the natural or spiritual, no governing body or any system in the world and beyond - none of these things and persons are ever above you, lord! when you make a promise, you always go before that promise and make sure all is set for your promise to come true. amen!

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