Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Deuteronomy 6.25
It will be a set-right and put-together life for us if we make sure that we do this entire commandment in the Presence of GOD, our God, just as he commanded us to do.
oh God, the life that everyone runs after, the life that everyone goes for is ours when we declare you as our lord, our saviour, our master! thank you God for setting out priorities straight - YOU, you alone are our priority, you are above everything, what you say is gold, your words are truth, your commandments are precious, your ways are perfect, your thoughts are the highest, your plans are the best, your provision is more than enough, your grace is unlimited, your power is boundless, your possibilities are limitless! thank you God for gracing us with the strength and willpower, capacity to obey you, to do exactly what you commanded us to do, not just for us to be obedient, but for us to be more like you, have life in you, a set-right and put-together life! what peace and security in you, lord!

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