Thursday, August 08, 2013

House and Home

Deuteronomy 6.11
you're going to walk into well-furnished houses you didn't buy
God thank you for your sure, tried and tested true promises - promises that never fail, promises that always come true, and they come through beautifully at the perfect time, at the perfect place and with your perfect provision! thank you lord for taking care of every aspect of our lives - from the very house that you have built for us, to the very shelter that you care for us with! thank you lord that our homes will always be filled with your grace, with your provision, your protection, with your strength - homes that we never built with our hands, but only by your capacity - homes that we followed you with and obeyed you with, homes that came about because of your word, because of who you are, and because of your love for family. thank you lord that yes, you take care of our houses, but more than just for the natural - it's for us to have a home in you. bless you lord!

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