Friday, August 16, 2013

In God's Sight

Deuteronomy 6.18
Do what is right; do what is good in GOD's sight.
yes God, we will keep you on top of everything and everyone, especially on top of our self - you are first and foremost in our lives, lord, and when you promise something, you make sure it happens, so we will not get tired of doing good, we will not get tired of doing what is right - not what's right in our own eyes, but what's right in YOUR eyes, what's good in YOUR sight! thank you holy spirit that you give us exactly what we need to do this, to discern what standards are coming from you and what are just being thrown at us by the enemy to weigh us down with false burdens and accusations. oh God thank you for teaching us to rightly examine what is in and around us, your grace gives us the wisdom we need as you continue to build us up and strengthen us to do what you want us to do. we love you lord!

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