Saturday, August 17, 2013


Deuteronomy 6.19
throwing out your enemies left and right--exactly as GOD said.
thank you God that when we live according to your ways, when we follow you and put your word first in our hearts, we can confidently take hold of what you have promised as you make it happen - throwing out our enemies left and right, exactly as you said! thank you for minding even the littlest battles that we go through, for working on the completion and perfect execution of your plan, your promises that never fail and your grace that never runs out! amazing God who keeps us blessed, keeps us loved, keeps us protected, covered and victorious in all things! everyone and everything who tries to cross the path you have made us get on will never be successful against you and against us! as we continue to depend on you and live in your existence you continue to be who you are and we take joy and security in that! amen!

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