Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Quick To Pay

Deuteronomy 7.10
He isn't slow to pay, he pays right on time.
oh God how true! you are more than a perfect planner, you are more than a strong promise-keeper - you act on time! always on perfect time, you are never slow to act on your word, you are always quick to make it do its course in your duly appointed time, no delays, no pointless wait - once you say so, you deliberately make it happen! thank you lord that your spiritual realm trumps all natural and other spiritual realms! what you say goes, and they go when you want them to! oh God, you are never slow to pay, you are right on time, and we can be secure in you, we can count on your perfect timing, we know we will not be forever waiting - we know your perfect timing happens perfectly! and yes lord, even if we wait beyond our lifetime, the surety of your word spans lifetimes. amazing!

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