Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Among Us

Deuteronomy 6.15
GOD is alive among you.
thank you lord that you are not just on your throne, detached, far and distanced from us, but you are with us in every sense of the word - living in, among and around us! right in our circumstances, right in our situations, no matter how tough and difficult, or comfortable and easy - you are always with us right in the thick of everything, when we go out of and come into our houses, when we go about our day, in our highs and lows - we are never going through them alone, you are experiencing every single one of them with us! thank you lord that you stand by your promise that you will never leave us, you will never forsake us, we will never be separated from you - and you are real, true, faithful and strong. we have hope, strength and are secure in you because you are truly WITH us.

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