Thursday, August 15, 2013

No Pushing

Deuteronomy 6.16
Don't push GOD to the wall.
thank you lord for strongly showing us how you value loyalty, how you value our devotion and allegiance to you. this same zeal for your name gives us security that nothing, no one could ever go against you, nothing could ever succeed disagreeing with you and crossing you, lord - whoever tries to go against your perfect plan will most definitely fail! nothing will ever come of anyone who tries to work against you, every single entity and every single deed that does not go according to your plan will never bear fruit, will never take root, will never flourish! only your beautiful plans, plans of hope and never evil, will surely come to pass - not an IF but always a WHEN, and when you have something in mind it can never be derailed, nothing can ever trip it up - it will be done, and done beautifully. amen!

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