Monday, August 19, 2013

God Delivers

Deuteronomy 6.22
We stood there and watched as GOD delivered
amen. oh amen! how you work, God, when you promise, you truly deliver! and all we need to do is just stand there and watch you do what you promised! watch you do what you do! watch you! that's it! in the thick of the storm, at the crux of the moment, all we need to do is stand still, all we need to do is stop our movement so we can sense yours, all we need to do is watch and wait for you, renew our strength as we wait on you, for when you come, when you move, when you do your thing, when you deliver, and you MOST CERTAINLY will and do, we can just glide on your warm current, we can just fall and spread our wings, and you do all the work, you do all the lifting and let us rise higher and higher and higher with you - right there in the middle of our storm. oh wow, thank you lord, praise you lord!

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