Sunday, May 22, 2011

Dream Big

Luke 19.26,32,21.4
Risk your life and get more than you ever dreamed of.
What Jesus said, they found it just as he said.
The poor widow gave extravagantly what she couldn't afford -- she gave her all!

You risked your life following God - trusting HIM instead of your own thoughts, your own security, He gives you more than what you ever dreamed of! because what He said will be done exactly as He said so! so let's keep giving extravagantly to God, because we can never outgive Him. He gives us back our life, our health, our finances, relationships - everything that matters!

thank You, God for healing and restoration not just physically, but emotionally; for security, spiritual peace, heart-strength, restored relationships, salvation loved ones, establishment of healthy relationships and being planted in Your house! thank You Lord for being so good! we love You very very much, and nothing else matters except being with You. thank You God for giving us hearts that will always be with you.

Nothing can ever harm us, no weapon, strategy or tactic plotted against us will succeed. They will all fail! Because God has our back.


Sinisa said...

Yes, He is awesome!! You know, years back I decided to trust God and walk away from homosexuality. In the process, it was a tough decision to turn my back on guys and how their bodies made me feel hot. But I did it! I wanted God with all my heart and I received Him!
I risked it all, I gave Him my whole self!
And He gave me Himself.
No other words are necessary.


Rom said...

whoa that is huge, bro! so stoked for you! how amazing and powerful God's grace is yeah? :D

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