Thursday, May 26, 2011

Oh... Yeah..!

Luke 24.5-6,8
"Why are you looking or the Living One in the cemetery? He is not here, but raised up. Remember how he told you...?" Then they remembered Jesus' words.

remember how he told you you're healed? how he told you that what he says happens, none of what he says is on hold, what he says he'll do soon (eze 12.24-25)? that he acts out of who he is, and he acts in a way that would evoke honour (eze 20.9)? how he told you that everyone will realize that he is God (eze 23.26-28)? that he'll see to it that the ruins are rebuilt, that he'll make your body teem with life and more life, and that he'll treat you better than he ever has (eze 36.12-24)? that he's doing this for him, the ruins will be rebuilt, he's going to do what you ask? he'll put meat on your bones, cover you with skin and breathe life into you (eze 26.22,44,7)? that he'll show you how great he is, how holy he is, that he'll make himself known all over the world, then you'll realize that he is God (eze 38.23)?

remember how God told you that he's still your God, the only real God you've ever known, he's the one and only God who delivers? that he took care of you during the wilderness times, took care of all your needs (hosea 13.4-6)? how he told you to look at the strength of those who obey him? that he'll make up for the years of the locust, the great locust devastation, and whoever calls, "help, God!" gets help (joel 2.11,25,31)? that he will put life back together again, he's a safe and hiding place, and that you'll know for sure that he's your God? that he has moved in with you for good (joel 3.1,16,21)? that he issues the orders? that he's still the one giving the orders around here? that he will restore you and you will be strong again, and everywhere you look, blessings?! (amos 6.11,9.9,11-12,14)

let's remember Jesus' words. because they are the ones that brought us all into being, that brought him back to life, and will bring all his promises to pass! amen!

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