Wednesday, May 04, 2011

So Be It!

Luke 6.10 (MSG)
"Hold out your hand." He held it out -- it was as good as new!

Two points: (1) Immediately! As soon as Jesus said! and (2) As good as new! Exactly as Jesus said! with the crippled man's eager, instant response right in between these two points! Thank You thank You Lord! We are excited to do exactly as You said at once! And we know God, that what You commanded will happen immediately, as soon as You said! Our life will be exactly that - just as You said! You did not just utter a passive statement, You issued an active command! Commanded healing on our body; healing on our finances; healing in our family relationships; healing in our spiritual relationships; healing and restoration in our finances, lots, appointments, circumstances, broken and/or distant relationships; peace and soothing comfort for our frustrations; redemptive lessons from our failures; and huge mercy and grace for us to be the love miracle that we are from to love You and everyone around us! Immedeiately as You said! As good as new!

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