Sunday, May 15, 2011

True Freedom

Luke 13.12-13,16
When Jesus saw her, he called her over. "Woman, you're free!" He laid hands on her and suddenly she was standing straight and tall, giving glory to God
"I have untied this daughter of Abraham and led her from the stall where Satan has had her for so long."

You're free. You are free! You are immediately standing straight and tall, giving glory to God, because Jesus has already untied you and led you away from where you've been contained and battled for so long! And Jesus did all this right when he saw you!

He wants to pump up your soul and your faith. So just keep holding on! Every single word he gave you - be it for family, prosperity, finances, relationships, salvation - every single one of them will come true and happen exactly as he said so! Amen amen amen!

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