Tuesday, April 09, 2013


Deuteronomy 1.17
Don't be impressed by big names.
yes God, just as we will not look at the externals and be carried away by what hierarchy the world presents, we will also not be terrified of any big-name obstacle or challenge that comes our way; anything fearsome that runs against your will, your design, your best-laid plans, your well-thought-out conceptions. we have nothing to fear, no matter how fearful, we have nothing to lose no matter how hopeless, we have nothing to worry about no matter how troublesome, because you are absolutely bigger than any of these, than any real threat, than any truth presentment, than any poison or lie that the world has manufactured in and against us, than any thought no matter how high, than any heart, ideal or goal no matter how lofty, than any weapon or craft no matter how strong. YOU alone are the impressive one, God. you alone!

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