Saturday, April 27, 2013


Deuteronomy 1.38
Encourage him, for he will lead.
yes God, we don't make light of the value of encouraging and fully supporting whoever you have placed in our lives to lead, to serve. thank you lord that we will fill them with our encouragement, our support, our joy and willingness to see your work happen through your servants - from strengthening the hearts of those you have entrusted to our care like our children both physical and spiritual, to those you have generously enabled to bless your church by laying down their lives in service we will encourage them all the way! to those you have installed as leaders of our families, our friends, our relationships, we will make sure they are encouraged, supported, invigorated, working all the way with your plans, your ways, your words to set them up and let them serve. bless you lord!

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